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New Hazard on Findhorn - Carnage Corner

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:51 am
by Mike Dales
River Findhorn - Rapid just above Relugas Bridge - leaders and paddlers please be aware there is now an underwater rock that has moved into position just next to the main exit chute on the Carnage Corner rapid. It is just below the main rock at the end of the rapid that many paddlers hit and capsize off. The rock is not in the main flow, but just to the edge of it immediately below the visible rock in the flat water pool. It has already caused two foot entrapments and breakages in a short period of time since the last floods. This will cause a significant danger to swimmers above this point and also to anyone paddling over the visible rock and capsizing off it. Please set up safety and consider this before running groups through as this is an increased danger to previous years. Staying in the main flow and eddying out on river left still seems to be the safer option for swimmers. The large pool on river right is no longer safe.