River Findhorn - Middle section

Rivers 'near' Aberdeen
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River Findhorn - Middle section

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Re: RIVER FINDHORN (Logie Bridge to Randolph's Leap)

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Just to let you know that on sunday 18th Sept, there was a tree right across the entrance to the run leading into Randolph's Leap - at the narrow exit of the large eddy. The level on the SEPA / WTW gauge today showed the level at the time to be at 0.6. On WTW, this level is weirdly described as low /normal when it in my opinion it seemed more like high / normal. All channels at Randolph's were running strong with the cauldron a huge boiling brown mass.
Point is here that the branch is visible at this level but seems stuck and if levels rise, then might then be underwater and not visible. Most folk will exit the Middle section in this eddy or will put in to run Randolph's after an inspection. However, it could be a strainer risk to anyone swimming on the last run into the big eddy. If it moves then possible to be a problem further down. Noticed another couple of large trees lying beached at Randolph's - just waiting for very high water to move them off again. Cheers Paul.
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