River Feshie

Rivers 'near' Aberdeen
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River Feshie

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[url=https://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/rivers/scotland/north-east/river-feshie:3uadf8pd]Read full River Guide[/url:3uadf8pd]
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I did this yesterday as a run with the SCA Club Development Weekend. We were open boating so enjoyed the top slabs and drops, some very tight and quite technical. Quite a few grd 3 rapids.

The SCA book access was followed, a bit of a trek from the carpark around a fence line and down to the river. Take out at Feshiebridge, arge FC carpark. Good sandy beach in the large eddy before the gorge section.


The river was at 0.62m on the SEPA Gauge in the Feshiebridge. This meant the river was a scrape, especially the middle section. Another 2ft or so would have made the lower - gravelly braided sections - much deeper and better. Although these gave a good snubbing challenge. The volume did not increase lower down due to braiding. The upper, better rapids had some pool drops which help the level. My open now has scrapes over all the hull and a shallow water pin put a temporary dent in. The rocks in the river, and a lot of the river bed, is 'rock' hard granite. you have been warned. The level gave a chance for plenty of lining practice !

There was a damaged fence line across the river a few corners above Lagganlia, with a cable, which was easily ducked under, but would be a cheese cutter at higher flows.

Best not to linger at the Osprey nest at it would distress the bird, although it had caught a fish as we passed which was special.
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I havent noticed it posted on here but there is a substancial ammount of scaffold under Feshie Bridge. A few trees have also been washed up onto this and it is unpassable. I would advise anyone wanting to paddle the feshie to scope out a good number of eddies well above the saw mill pool (the big eddie at the top of the gorge section), as in current water levels if you miss this pool your in for a bad time.

There is also a tree in the middle of the river further upstream, this is easily avoided either side, and you can see it from quite a distance.
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