Rivers 'near' Aberdeen
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There is a low metal wire across the Dye at a dangerous height. It is around 500-700 metres after the portage around the railway sleeper bridge.

There is a high, 1 inch rope which is very visible then the metal wire is directly below and less obvious, this has been put in since last spring.

I will follow up with the local outdoor access forum and post up any updates.
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A note for the section of the Dye further up.
Access: Head up the B974 past the usual Dye strech and keep going till you cross the Dye over a bridge. Obvious as there is two bridges side by side over the river. This is the get out. Keep going up the road up a hill and the down over the other side, around 2km and you eventually come to a gravel track which you go down for the get in.
Gauge: We ran this section when the feugh was running at 3m, at this level we saw flooded fields and burst banks all over the feugh, in short the falls were a monster! At this level the Dye took about 15mins to get down and the river was running up next to the grass and trees unlike usual when it has a foot up to the river bank either side as I have been told.
Description: It sort of blended into one long roller coaster with two memorable rapids. The first is about 300m or so down from where the burn joins the Dye on the right. The river flows down a ramp into a rather fluffy hole (4), runs fine on centre to left line, the far right goes into a rather meaty hole. The second memorable rapid is where the river again constricts into a ramp, around 500m-1km from the other rapid. This can be run centre again flushes nicely, avoid the boil at the bottom on the right however(3+). The rest of this run is just read and paddle and avoid holes but with enough speed most of them wouldn't drag a boat back in. This description is for when the feugh was tanking however so in lower flows the river will be different. We paddled this twice and the second run an hour after the first the river had dropped by about 1.5 feet and the rapids had changed in nature quite a lot. Generally a very nice spate run.

Couldn't find a description previously for this run so thought I would write this, sorry if there is an actual description kicking about that I haven't seen.
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