New to rivers

Rivers 'near' Aberdeen
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New to rivers

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I'm new to using rivers and really I wondered if I need permission to use rivers in a paddle boat?

I got hold of a second hand rowing boat with a small outboard and really to start with I would like to use the River Dee in Aberdeen between Cults and Duthie Park.

Is there someone I need to get permission from before putting my boat in the water, or is it available for anyone to use respectfully?

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Re: New to rivers

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Scottish Land reform Act provided rights of Access over inland waters (Rivers/Lochs/Lakes) in Scotland for non-motorised craft (canoes/kayaks/rafts). This precludes but does not exclude use by motorised craft (jet-skis, jet bikes, motor launches etc).

Ideally you would need to get permission from riparian owners for passage, reminder that anything below the Victoria Bridge in Torry is Harbour Board managed navigation and with respective land-owners for launch and egress. Certainly the rowing clubs operate motorised launches between Torry and the Bridge of Dee, albeit they may be set-up to allow access to harbour area in event a rowing boat has problems (they can use the bridge as marker for bottom turn).

Beware the Dee is tidal to the Bridge of Dee, and at low levels and low tides there are shallow banks by King George V Bridge and towards the Bridge of Dee. I suspect that motorised boats upstream of Bridge of Dee may be an No No as there are fresh water muscle beds and the river has various protection rights associated.


Craig Douglas
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