River Meig - Upper Section above Dam

Rivers 'near' Inverness
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River Meig - Upper Section above Dam

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Re: River Meig - Upper Section above Dam

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There is an really good section hidden away much further up the glen. Drive to the private road signs, park up then start walking. the track crosses the river just after an old house. It might be tempting to carry on on river left but don't, it is a considerably longer walk. Instead take to the walkers path on river right. after 1.5km put on above a considerable multi tear slide. At the bridge over the river if you can easily float down then the section is good to go. The top slide has some powerful holes when high and the short gorge section deserves respect for as there are some big holes. Once out of the mini gorge its a float down to the last drop, you would have seen this from a distance on the walk up. there is a line down the river right. Extreme care not to go centre at the top of this drop as there is a horrible cyphon on the entrance, easily avoided. then its a float back to the loch and your car.

There are a few more drops much further up the glen, I was fortunate enough to get a lift up to these. But it would be a very long walk.
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