Meig Gorge Trees

Rivers 'near' Inverness
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Meig Gorge Trees

Post by chrisdickinson »

Ran Meig Gorge recently.

Heavy winter has damaged a lot of trees in this area and this has affected 3rd and 4th rapids below the weir at the start.
3rd rapid, the weird squeeze on right wall has some wood in pool below. 4th Rapid blocked by fallen tree. Both of these could probably be cleared by a determined group who have a decent saw with them. Below that gorge is clear of obstructions. The first of the above mentioned obstructions can easily be portaged over the central rocks and the second through the tree in which is hanging a rotting deer carcass.....smellyyyyyy!! Enjoy!!
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Re: Meig Gorge Trees

Post by TheKrikkitWars »

The wood has cleared out of the squeeze bit, so it's only the tree-deer-strainer thats a problem now.

Having spoken to one of the raft guides from G2 Adventure they're planning to go in with a saw and clear it out in the coming weeks.

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Re: Meig Gorge Trees

Post by jmoxley2 »

Edinburgh Kayak Club were at the Meig this weekend, not having checked this bit of the forum first (always good to check these things when you get back!) and managed to spot the tree below the weir rapid while scouting the rapid. We weren't as brave as Chris and didn't fancy trying to get round the tree and it's rotting smelly occupant, so portaged to just above the pool with the big caves above the portage before teacup falls! Looking forward to the rafters getting out there with a saw and sorting it out as long as we know where any big bits for tree end up.

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Re: Meig Gorge Trees

Post by Papillon »


Along drive to find a tree. looked at the wrong area on the forum...silly us
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Re: Meig Gorge Trees

Post by originalewan »

Ran the meig last sunday, and cleared the most part of the trees in the above photo with saw, then ran the drop with no problem. However, level was pretty low so at a good level 4 (on gauge) may still pose problems.

Thereafter, there was no furthur blockages, though did need to sneak under some low hanging trees.

Also, while running the 3 tiered drop, the film crew for a lonesome death were doing a scene with a falling man into river. There were loads of people on the banks and even divers in the pools. Pretty sure we ruined there key shot when we blasted down, yet still managed to scrounge a free shuttle as the minibus took us for extras! brilliant!
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Re: Meig Gorge Trees

Post by box2k2 »

Ran it this morning.

All clear.
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