Access Issues on the Averon/Allness river

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Access Issues on the Averon/Allness river

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Message from the SCA.
The SCA heard, totally by accident, from a reliable source, that there had been ‘quite a few run-ins by paddlers with a ghillie on the Averon recently’ , and that ‘it was not worth reporting this to the SCA’.

I just have to re-emphasise that it most certainly is worth reporting all access issues and incidents. People can follow up the issue themselves, but often do not. The SCA do have a well-oiled service doing this for paddlers, and it works (See below). If the SCA are not informed, they cannot act to try to help to resolve these issues, and they will get worse. The reason for using the online comprehensive report form on the SCA website is that we will get all of the information that is needed to act. It is very important that the SCA do hear DETAILS, not vague stories, so that we can follow them up promptly.

If we just ignore these incidents, the underlying principles of the "outdoor Access Code" will become undermined, landowners/fishermen/others will keep doing what they want to and we will be left in a much poorer position. Every situation may not be resolved, but even the reporting process makes a difference, everyone knows it will not be 'swept under the carpet'!

• an incident last year on the Averon was dealt with very speedily, by the SCA, through to the Highland Council Access Officer, and the guy concerned received a Police warning re. his behaviour.
• recently, an incident on the Conon, concerning an angler from England, with her own private English ghillie, was also dealt with by the same Access Officer , and a written apology was received from the Estate concerned within 24 hours!
Please do spread this information widely, we either stand up for what the SOAC has delivered, or be rolled over and lose it!
Neil Farmer.
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Re: Access Issues on the Averon/Allness river

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Very true. Well said.
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