Hydro schemes in the Great Glen area

Rivers 'near' Inverness
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Hydro schemes in the Great Glen area

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The Glendoe scheme has now opened (largest storage scheme built in Scotland for a long while now), and Scottish and Southern have announced that they are looking at at least two more in the Great Glen area. See article below

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/hig ... 123928.stm

Note - the Glendoe affects the Fechlin and Tarf rivers, the scheme mentioned on Loch Lomondside, if it takes more water from the Kinglas (Argyll) headwaters, would have an effect on that as well.
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Re: Hydro schemes in the Great Glen area

Post by Dug »

More and more damns.... Almost makes you want to move into the direct action camp...
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Re: Hydro schemes in the Great Glen area

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There's one proposed near Invermoriston...it'll dam Loch nam Breac Ruadh and discharge into Loch Ness near Invermoriston...not sure if it'll impact on paddling water or not, but as hydros go it's supposed to be a biggy...maybe something to keep an eye on?

Might also be an idea to contact the planning authorities covering Scotland and see if they'd be willing to consult the SCA on all hydro schemes from now on...no harm in asking...
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