River Meig - Upper upper section

Rivers 'near' Inverness
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River Meig - Upper upper section

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Re: River Meig - Upper upper section

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Nice to see someone else get up the glen and paddle this section. Its worth walking in to ref: NH 1737 4881. Some nice technical drops, but add this to an already long walk, is a big mission. Although the gauge for the Meig is below Loch Beannacharain, I generally try to catch it at about 0.8 on the gauge, but I'm spoilt living 5 miles down the road. It looks to be about 0.5 in the pictures. When this section is high, above 1.0 it becomes really full on, it regularly gets way higher than this. The main fall at the end of the first slide cleans up nicely, going over the boulder at the bottom, but the slide is full on with huge holes. Would be a very unpleasant swim. The ledge drop in the gorge creates a massive hole but is fairly straight forward, requires protection. The last drop when massive cleans up really nice. This section goes a lot as it has a huge catchment and can be caught at the flows shown in the picture quite regularly. Well worth the effort.
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