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Afon Gwaun - Llanychaer Bridge to the Sea

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:19 am
by Mark R

Re: Afon Gwaun - Llanychaer Bridge to the Sea

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:35 pm
by Wildwood Wil
I think this river deserves more credit than it got from the above website, it is a bit of a jungle bash in places, usually when portaging a fallen tree or logjam but the rest of the route in particular the first half is excellent and there are certain drops, shoots and boulder garden style rapids that ARE grade three (see The Welsh Rivers guide book). Scenery is some of the best you will see and a feel of being out in the wilderness. A mini adventure really, you will be smiling when you reach Fishguard. If your in the Fishguard area and its been bucketing down this little gem is a must!

Re: Afon Gwaun - Llanychaer Bridge to the Sea

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:20 pm
by Wildwood Wil
Just making an amendment to my last post. We paddled from the put in at Pontfaen about a mile or so up river from Llanychaer bridge and this little extra stretch has some of the class III water i mentioned but not all of it. In this stretch the put in is a proper browny coloured ditch (or should be) a creekboat and a halfs width wide, there is a 10ft shoot (in a mini skijump stylee) into a fairly calm pool just down river straight after a sharp right hander and another drop with a bouldery ramp which gives a kind of autoboof landing into a dog-leg pool a little further on. This extra bit is well worth it if you want your fill of class III before it widens into a mainly class II jungle bash and finishes among giant Oaks and Rhodies on either side, after this Lowertown harber is just round the corner.

Afon Gwaun Update

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:07 pm
by FinbarrFury
25.Nov. 2012
The best of the river Gwaun starts at Cilrhedyn Bridge – the next one above Llanychaer. This section is currently free of trees and good quality paddling.

A good level indicator is in Lower Town, when the shingle bank alongside the slipway at the get-out car park is covered. We paddled when there were a few “bones” sticking out of this and had a good run. Don’t be fooled if it is High Water in the harbour – that covers everything even in drought!

There is an EA gauge at Cilrhedyn Bridge (SN 00515 34851); for our trip this was on .58 on thereabouts and rose to about .65. We had fairly continuous white water all the way to Fishguard. Chris Sladden’s guidebook calls this a spate run – be careful; in full spate the trees may give you more excitement than you bargained for and it is certainly not a river for people new to grade 2/3.

The gorge between Shortly after Cilrhedyn Bridge there is a straight, almost canalised section (SM 99986 35141); get out at the end of this as it’s best to inspect the next section for trees. This gorge was free of trees and top quality – highly recommended.
There is a three arched bridge at Llanychaer, the two river left arches were blocked but easily seen and avoided.

Below Llanychaer there were two tree portages and this may change on a regular basis. There are many blind bends so eddy hop with caution. A bit of caution will get you round the problems easily and make it a great run.

Cilrhedyn Gauge

Re: Afon Gwaun - Llanychaer Bridge to the Sea

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 8:16 am
by RedPlanet
When parking at the take-out, beware that the car park floods on tides exceeding approx 5 metres.