Signs at Newbridge on Wye

South of Severn/ Rheidol catchment
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Signs at Newbridge on Wye

Post by odrew » Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:54 am

I was a member of a four star Canoe assessment last weekend and came across some notices attached to the access agreement sign. Dave has got the following information.

Have been in touch with Canoe Wales and the Wye and Usk Trust. The notices at Newbridge have been put up by a group of fishermen who are attempting to undermine and disrupt the Wye and Usk Trust access arrangements. They are linked with the Upper Usk Salmon fishing association which is anti the Wye and Usk Trust (and of course totally anti canoeing!) The Trust is seeking them out to prosecute for criminal damage (defacing their signs, which were of course erected with public money) Unofficial Canoe Wales advice is to ignore the notices!
Isn't it good when fishermen fight each other!
The Wye and Usk Trust are looking to take out prosecutions for wilful damage to spawning beds, so canoeists do need to be considerate.
There is no possibility that our passage over the gravel beds at Newbridge could ever be construed as wilful damage.
Anyway, the paddle from Aberbran was very pleasant! (our group went to paddle the Usk in case the signs where genuine)
From David Savage (Head of Centre) Mepal Outdoor Centre, Chatteris Rd., Mepal, Ely, Cambs. CB6 2AZ Tel 01354 692251.

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Re: Signs at Newbridge on Wye

Post by morsey » Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:40 pm

You should probably read this thread and you will note that the WUF are just as likely to put up illegal signs.

There is no reason, what so ever, to consider that WUF are acting in the best interests of paddlers.

Dave Thomas
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Re: Signs at Newbridge on Wye

Post by Dave Thomas » Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:29 pm

Interesting - we saw these when (after!) we landed at Newbridge a couple of weeks ago. Must admit I'd have been inclined to take them more seriously if we'd seen them while doing the pre-trip shuttle - they were not implausible (albeit not on any form of headed notepaper).

What seems curious is that a body in conflict with WUF and purporting to represent Upper Wye interests overall should attempt to 'close' that access point by encouraging use of the Llanwrthwl and Builth WUF access points. I would suspect a very local 'group of fishermen'.

Incidentally, I presume the OPs reference to WUF signs being erected with public money was tongue-in-cheek?!

On a slightly different but related tack, I see that WUF have provided us with a nice new stile and steps at the Usk Talybont put-on. Much better than slithering down the bank. Aren't they being good to us! [image of tongue firmly in cheek]
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Re: Signs at Newbridge on Wye

Post by chriscw » Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:46 am

Credit where it is due the get ins and get outs that the WUF have documented are a blessing! What is more difficult, for those who are not local at any rate, is to know which ones are available during the fishing season when we are perfectly entitled to navigate the river if we think the conditions are right but not necessarily entitled to use private land to launch and leave from without the owners permission.
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Re: Signs at Newbridge on Wye

Post by quicky » Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:49 am


The signs I complained about, now removed, are replaced with a hotchpotch of "private land etc" but the local council at Foy are investigating and complaining about them. They are of the opinion that there are too many, spoiling the natural look of the riverside.

Interestingly the council are investigating reports about the gilly, Lyndon (Lyn) Cobley and his appalling behaviour, rudeness and verbal attacks to river users, anglers and walkers. If you have anything to report please contact them:

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