Wye & Usk Access Arrangements

South of Severn/ Rheidol catchment
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Wye & Usk Access Arrangements

Post by Canoe Wales Access » Wed Apr 13, 2016 11:59 am

The Environment Agency is still claiming that the Wye & Usk Foundation arrangements are a 'success' because they have improved access for canoeists (compared to the days of the old access agreements) and because paddlers in general abide by them. Canoe Wales does not formally recognise the agreements because they do not meet our criteria for 'fair agreements for responsible, shared use' of the rivers; and we cannot therefore agree with the EA's assessment that they are a 'success'. Nevertheless we will be seeking to influence both the EA and WUF to introduce more equitable arrangements that better meet paddlers' needs (and which are without prejudice to the differing views of the legal position). I would welcome, as evidence to present to the EA, forum members' comments about the 'success' or otherwise of the existing arrangements.

Steve Rayner, Canoe Wales Waterways & Environment Officer

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Re: Wye & Usk Access Arrangements

Post by stonercanoe » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:03 pm

Hi Steve, I live near the Usk. My friends and I ignore the WUF levels for the Summer as they have no relevance to wildlife protection, they are an arbitrary level to keep boaters off the river. The purpose of this is to give salmon fishermen sole use of the river.
We paddle responsibly, where we want, when we want.
Hope this helps.

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