Pont y pant + Rhiw Goch Gorge WARNING in flood.

Severn/ Rheidol catchment and north
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Pont y pant + Rhiw Goch Gorge WARNING in flood.

Post by walesrgr8 » Tue Sep 25, 2012 12:00 pm

Pont y Pant is currently running at huge volume, grade 6 or high 5. Watch out for gnarly tow-back hole mid-section of river left line. Closer to the the bottom there is another gnarly tow-back hole created river left from an over-flowing high place boulder. After the mid-section hole, aim river right to boof off another high placed boulder and run the final flow river right, scooting leftwards and past the lower tow-back hole.
Heavy grade 4+/5 until a quieter section before another grade 4+/5 section with a large eddy river right to gain re-group. After this a huge shoot sends you hurtling down into a large wave which will send you under in smaller boats and flip most creeks or river runners. A great run, putting in below Pont y pant, be aware of a beating at this bottom wave though, but it will flush you out.
Easier grade 4 takes you down for another couple hundred metres before a flat section.

After this flat section another grade 4, ran easily river left will see you down to just above the gorge where you can (SHOULD) portage around.

Currently the gorge is running deadly high, the lead in rapid, V-shaped tongue into a couple of holes, with over flow from a boulder river right will screw you up if you run it wrong.

After this there is another gnarly Horse shoe shaped drop with a death tow-back which you will not escape from. the tow back goes far under the horse-shoe shaped ledge which forms the drop and you would be very lucky to come out alive.

After this there is a mammoth shoot, where the river comes into the main gorge section. The stopper wave at the bottom must be at least 12ft high, running into it about 20mph. If ran, tuck before hitting this, if upright you will get the wind knocked out of you and possibly towed back into it. More likely to be flushed from this but you will get a hell of a ride.

Be warned, in current conditions the rhiw goch gorge is advisable not to run. Even the lead in rapid, at grade 5, if confident on grade 5, the risks of what is below are too great. The speed at which the river is runner would see any unprotected swimmer down the gorge quite easily.

Safe paddling!

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Re: Pont y pant + Rhiw Goch Gorge WARNING in flood.

Post by Tom_Laws » Tue Sep 25, 2012 1:38 pm

And just for fun Pencil Sharpener at the end of the run is jammed full of trees.

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