Severn/ Rheidol catchment and north
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Paddled this on 20/12/12. Looks like there's been some re-modelling following the huge Nov floods. From the guide:
a triple-step weir (SJ006715), seen by a very obvious horizon line.  At high levels this is a definite portage – there is a well-walked path on the right.  At low levels it can be shot in the centre, or portage the first two steps on the rocks on the left and shoot the final step
In addition to a couple of missing bridges, the above weir has been breached with the river effectively by-passing on the right. This new rapid/route however was blocked by a tree at present. Easy portage by walking straight down the remains of the now dry central weir structure!

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We were there yesterday, now also two trees requiring a walk in the middle third, one bridge washed completely away and is now along bank river left about 100m down. Also the last weir (the one in the guides as a nasty one) now with the passing channel on river right which also has a tree in it.

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We paddled this section at the weekend. There is a major strainer made up of several trees and debris in the river soon after the first weir. It is a definite portage. After that there are trees washed into the river all the way with both branches and root balls to be avoided. In the gorge section there are some very narrow gaps and spotting a clear path wasn't always obvious. Some of the fallen trees were enormous and I can imagine that a lot more debris will be caught before the trees are cleared. All the weirs have trees in but there we were able to portage where necessary.
I would advise careful scouting, and allow at least 4 hours. It is good training for avoiding hazards! Safe paddling folks.

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