RIVER TRYWERYN (Campsite to Bala)

Severn/ Rheidol catchment and north
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RIVER TRYWERYN (Campsite to Bala)

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Re: RIVER TRYWERYN (Campsite to Bala)

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At Kingston Kayak Club we are trying to build a useful YouTube Channel: one that shows what we do, but also has some videos for the wider community. We are building a series of Video River Guides and this is our latest, The River Tryweryn.

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Re: RIVER TRYWERYN (Campsite to Bala)

Post by Jim »

Sorry but this video really doesn't do what it says on the tin!

The viewpoint is too low so even as someone who knows the river a bit I was struggling to work out what was what, also quite a lot of it is breakouts where we see more of the bank than the rver...
The main issue though, is that the title says "Campsite to Bala" but up to 5:50 (ish) is all above the campsite, and the last minute from 7:40 (ish) is walking from the takeout to the car park - there is almost as much footage of walking as of the actual section it claims to be of...

It is a nice enough video, but pretty useless as a guide to the lower Tryweryn.
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