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River Vyrnwy - Pont Logel to Pontrobert

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2015 1:09 pm
by Matto
Ran this on Saturday at a pretty solid mid level. 3 WW canoes and 2 trad canoes.

Sadly my WW canoe sustained some damage during the run.

Something sharp punch into the hull, peeling back the outer layer of Royalex and cracking the hull.

We're not sure exactly where it happened but we noticed it during the portage around Dolanog Weir. I think it probably happened when I clattered the rocks on river left under the bridge at Dolanog. The rocks seemed pretty well covered as you pass under the bridge but the flow is fast and I got pushed more river left than I intended and bounced off quite hard.

Sad that my boat got hurt but glad it wasn't me. Wouldn't want to swim into that particular hazard whatever it was.

Take care.