Canyoning/Ghyll scrambling/Gorge walking North Wales

Severn/ Rheidol catchment and north
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Canyoning/Ghyll scrambling/Gorge walking North Wales

Post by a93h201 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:23 am


I want to get a list together of good places to canyon in north wales.

Prysor - good above Crestor, no ropes needed. bolts avaible for getting down Crestor with ropes. section after Crestor, ok.
Cynfal falls - has been surgested. will be hopefully checking this one out this weekend. 70m of canyon rope at the ready.

From other posts from other threds -
Fairy Glen section of the Afon Conwy
upper Arddu Llanberris Falls

I've had a good search on here. still looking for more surgestions. please post your surgestions

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Re: Canyoning/Ghyll scrambling/Gorge walking North Wales

Post by Ieuan Belshaw » Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:54 pm

How was your mission down the Upper Cynfal?

The whole Cynfal is very gorge walkable but it does need ropes for some sections.

Prysor - all of it can be done without rope but it's handy for cresta & for the slide after cauldron drop.

Plug this ( 53.069251,-4.016987 ) into google maps for a right adventure - I know nothing about it apart from it's been done before.

Cierw gorge is a cool one - 52.987162,-3.503698

Upper Upper Upper... Conway - 52.992367,-3.773045

Ieuan :)

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