decent whitewater

Hampshire Avon drainage and eastwards, with the Nene as the northern limit
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decent whitewater

Post by christompzn » Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:38 pm

Im about to go to Bassingbourne near Cambridge was wandering if there is any good white water grade 3+?

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Re: decent whitewater

Post by canoegnu » Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:43 pm


I hesitated about answering this, in case it was tongue in cheek and I was leaving myself open for a mick take.

The area around Cambridge is pretty much flat as a witches t*t, so you're chances of finding any whitewater are pretty non-existent. I would think your only chances are artificial courses, like the Nene (Northampton), Lea Valley or HPP, all of which are a bit of a drive from Bassingbourne.

Best of luck !


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Re: decent whitewater

Post by jackmyster » Sat Oct 13, 2012 8:23 pm

hi there,

I could be completely wrong about what i'm about to say.... :P

in harston, on the exit on the way through to cambridge, i see loads of kayaks unloading on too the river, under the bridge. Now my guess is that there's a wave? or perhaps a little good stretch of river to paddle? i'm going to try/check it out in two weeks so il keep you posted. you can find harston near fox ton, go through the railway crossing, follow all the way up and youl come to a bridge.

Now don't take my word, it could just be a bunch of total kayaking newbs, and there may be nothing there to paddle... but its worth a shot! if you need anymore info feel free to message.

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