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River Blackwater - Greys Mill to Langford

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 10:33 pm
by Mark R
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This Guide describes portages where there is no public right of way through or around the immediate area, neither is there an agreement for portage to take place.


Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 11:55 pm
by Stairs1996
I have paddled the upper blackwater, from Coggeshall down to Kelvedon. I'm sure it's frowned apon, but it is good fun. There is one very short portage crossing a bridge used by farm machinery, but the rest is all run-able.

Coggeshall has 3 weirs. First is a vertical metre drop, very retentive if you were to get it wrong, run it many times without trouble. Second weir is an over flow for a mill, just a slide. Third weir is another sluice style overflow. Definitely run-able if you duck.

There is also a short, narrow, brick tunnel under a bridge (3 metres long). Not enough room for kayaks in flood conditions, but otherwise either of the two tunnels is fine.
Apon reaching Feering you reach a faster flowing part of the river under someone's house. Never attempted the sluice over flow (river right), but looks sketchy. Going under the house is perfectly navigable by kayak, but as for access issue???

After Feering you go under the railway and pass two separate overflow weirs. Run the second weir (after the road bridge) which eventually takes you to a mill. With enough water, it might be possible to run the overflow and paddle out of the mill pool to the lower river, otherwise quick portage and continue under the second road bridge, shown in the original post as the get in.

Do not attempt in summer, spring or autumn or anytime of year when there is life! Gets very overgrown. Don't take a boat longer than 2 metres. Good luck.

Re: River Blackwater - Greys Mill to Langford

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 9:04 pm
by Mark Gawler
I have received reports via a third party of issues between paddlers and the landowner at one of the portages in the Kelvedon to Langford section. The landowner claims that they have been physically threatened by paddlers, if this is the case it is obviously unacceptable. The incident (or incidents) is set to compromise the long-standing annual paddling tour.

I understand the portage in question is in the Kelvedon to Langford section, it is on private land, with no public right of way through or around the immediate garden area, and there is no agreement for portage to take place.