Earith, Cambs - and newbie advice

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Earith, Cambs - and newbie advice

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Hi All,
I live local to the Earith lock in Cambridgeshire. I've always thought it would be nice to for me and the mrs to purchase a couple of cheap canoes (kayaks) and spend the summer days/evenings paddling up the river, stopping off at a pub and then doing the same leg back. So that's what we like to do.

At Earith lock (EL) there are three stretches of river:
1) One stretch goes from EL in the direction towards Chatteris.
2) One stretch goes from EL along side the road going towards WIllingham.
3) One stretch goes from EL towards Needingworth (i.e. Pike and Eel and, maybe the Ferryboat Inn).

I would like to paddle the 2 and 3 stretches (above). I'm here to seek advice on how to do this?

1) Do we have purchase a license to do this or can we just buy the canoes and get paddling?
2) For stretches 2 and 3, is there a suitable point to get in and out of the water? A canoe lowering point?
3) Any tips or laws to be aware of? i.e. keep to the right hand side, etc..?
4) Any type of cheap canoe to purchase and where can I purchase them on the cheap?
5) A suitable roof rack to hold two canoes?

I'm a newbie to this so your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Earith, Cambs - and newbie advice

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I can't answer your specifics, but can give you a few general hints.

Licence wise, you need the licence that comes with membership of Canoe England, and that's the easiest way to get it - join up. Costs about £40 a year now, I think.

I thing the nicest paddling is probably more upstream, near Huntingdon/St Ives. The river is more natural, and you can link loops with navigation and back waters. I've done a little bit there, but nothing from Earith.

Have a look on Paddle Points for ideas of launch points and routes: http://www.paddlepoints.net/paddlepoint ... =cambridge

Yes you keep to the right on a navigation when other craft are about.

I'm more of an open canoeist, so not well up on kayaks, but for paddling your local rivers, don't get anything too short, as these will be hard work and tend to be aimed at playing in white water. A basic touring kayak would be best.

Any proper roofrack will do the job fine. Be aware of the max loading of your car and the rack, but as this is normally 70kg or more, shouldn't be a problem.

Though its biased more towards open canoes, you might find it worth posting on Song of the Paddle, as I know there are a reasonable number of regular posters there who live in your general area. http://www.songofthepaddle.co.uk/forum/forum.php

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Re: Earith, Cambs - and newbie advice

Post by jamiemagee »

You go from kayaks to canoes in your post. Which are your after?

Cheap you're looking at £300 per boat as a minimum I'd say whatever you're looking for.

Two canoes on a roof will be difficult. Not impossible but personally I wouldn't be doing it.

As fit getting on. I don't know the stretch of water but our local canal toy either step down into the boat or use a fishing peg that's closer to the water.

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