River Avon and Christchurch area

The Somerset Frome and Dorset Stour and westwards
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River Avon and Christchurch area

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If anyone has whilst recently paddling on the lower river Avon (loop) around Christchurch, had any unbecoming contact with fishermen or anyone claiming to be a bailiff could you please contact me if your happy to provide details of said contact.

It would appear that Royalty Fisheries are raising their heads again against kayakers, SOT's, canoe's, SUPS's. I'm collecting data to pass on to CE so would welcome any inputs.

I have a lot of past history on this subject and location, I'm not wanting to kick off any endless debates on access legality :-) just obtaining recent details of contact (if any exist).

Please feel free to private message, add a note here or email me on chascouchman-at-hotmail-dot-com.

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