Maisemore weir

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Maisemore weir

Post by SimonMW »

Ages ago I think I mentioned this, but my paddling has come on a bit since then. Can anyone give me the latest recomendations regarding Maisemore Weir? I know from an ancient thread on these forums that it was damaged and then a dodgy repair made, but I can find little info about the latest situation about sections to avoid on it?

Also, can anyone tell me what the best levels are and how often they happen? I realise that it can be timed between tides that are high enough to break over the weir, and then an ideal level may be reached when the water has started to go out again. But is this the only ideal time? I found some pretty tempting images from Gloucester Canoe Clubs gallery. ... 5319225586

I'd love to know whether this was an outgoing tide or simple just the rive level at the time?

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Re: Maisemore weir

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My local canoe club - gloucester, have a couple of members (they do use this forum and can advise better), that sometimes play on maisemore weir. You are correct in that it it is in a state of repair, and that it is better in higher levels. In order to get onto the wave you need to paddle onto it! if you come of it may possible to get back onto it wihout having to re-enter the water above the weir.

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