Boxing Day Raft Race - Matlock

From the Warwickshire Avon in the south, to the Trent in the north
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Three Coats
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Boxing Day Raft Race - Matlock

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Hi Folks, I paddled the raft race course today for the committee and they asked me if I would post up a message for anyone intending to come along and enjoy the fun and mayhem...

You are very welcome to come along and enjoy the fun but please remember that you will be a target for flour bombs and water hoses so please don't complain if your boat (and you) has a light coating of 'pancake mix' by the time you get to Cromford!

You are also welcome to help with rescues and to paddle reponsibly... :-)

Have fun!


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Re: Boxing Day Raft Race - Matlock

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Hi all
we paddled the derwent a couple of hours after the raft race had finnished, the main streatch through matlock bath was a right mess, there was plastic bags of flour stuck in the trees, hundreds of them stuck at the waters edge.
what effect will this have on the local wild life and enviroment, as paddlers our access to rivers is tricky at the moment in England and Wales.
I know it was organised by divers for charity and not paddlers, but should all involved help to clean it up, I was embarrased and ashamed to see the enviromental impact a "bit of fun can have"
what are everyone elses thoughts,

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