River Wye campsites

From the Warwickshire Avon in the south, to the Trent in the north
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River Wye campsites


I'm looking for some advice on campsites on the Wye around Ross. What I'm really after is a site where a family can stay a couple of nights, close enough to the river to launch from, and then might let me park up a VW for a few days to return to after a couple of days jouney on the river. Any advice gratefully received


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Re: River Wye campsites

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This post was posted along time ago. Did you find what you were after? There is now a waterproof guide available for the wye with campsites, access and egress listed in it and os map extracts, well worth the money, giving a clear rive guide to the Wye. I have used the campsite at Hoarworthy campsite many times. It is great as you can have open fires on the site, a nice pub near by and good river access. If you have another vehicle you can shuttle to Hereford and paddle back to here or a shorter distance from Holme Lacey. You can also go onto Ross and even Monmouth over severial days. These sections are beutiful. From Ross down is busty during the summer but above and after stays quite most of the year and out of season is quite nice below Ross. The wildlife is in abundance throughout but especially above Ross. You may need to organise seperate shuttles as the river from Hoarsworthy can have some flow and it hard to paddle up stream, but for journeys with the flow is great.
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