Some river levels

From the Warwickshire Avon in the south, to the Trent in the north
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Some river levels

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Was out today on a lorry run to and back from Ipswich so I took note of the condition of the major rivers I could see from our route: M56, M6, A50, M1, A14. As the down journey was during the night these are in the order I came across them on the return leg.

River Gipping, Claydon (Ipswich): What looked to be normal level but adjacent land waterlogged. water clear and fast running.

River Cam, Cambridge (from A14 adjacent to sewage works): Normal level, didn't appear turbid, adjacent fields with standing water.

River Gt. Ouse, Huntingdon, where A14 crosses river: River full, some adjacent fields partially flooded.

River Nene, Islip/Thrapston, where A14 crosses river: River full, some flooding of adjacent fields.

River Soar, Littlethorpe (nr Leicester) where M1 crosses river: full but no sign of flooding.

River Trent, Castle Donington, A50 crossing: river full and appeared fast flowing with some signs of flooding adjacent land.

River Dove, Utoxeter, A50 crossing (next to ancient bridge) river full and fast flowing but no apparent sign of having broken its banks. On wrong side of A50 to see R. Tean where it joins the Dove.

River Dane, Sproston Green, M6 crossing: river full and too deep down to see flow but no sign of flooding.

Hope this is of some help.

Wildswimmer Pete
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