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Re: RIVER DERWENT (Darley Dale to Matlock)

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 10:48 am
by pixulator
Hi new to the site but thought I would post an update on this old thread as it came up on google anyway.

Based on advice here I went to the Grouse and Claret at Rowsley and asked at the reception desk if I could launch and was told NO the landowners do not like it. But that I should try The Square and Compass.

The manager at The Square and Compass told me that YES it's fine but as he was leasing the launch area (a very small spot at the bottom of some steps just before the bridge) to a rafting operator that I should just not interfere with his business and it would be fine.

I'll second the previous advice and be sure to spend some money in the Pub as a way to foster good will towards us.

Re: RIVER DERWENT (Darley Dale to Matlock)

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 3:34 pm
by damppaddler
We launched at the grouse and claret last Saturday - we asked the manager in the pub first and he was perfectly ok with us launching there.

I'm working on a couple of alternative launches, I post more details shortly.

1st is the back of the car park for the shopping area at rowsley - my lad assures me you can get down to the river there - and then park you vehicle on the public road leading to the car park
2nd is of the road to the council tip/peak railway - drive towards peak railway and pull over after crossing a small stream - unload and transport boats thought the woods to a small pebble beach on the river - park the vehicle back on the public road by the council tip

Re: RIVER DERWENT (Darley Dale to Matlock)

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 3:54 pm
by andypagett
Cheers for the updates both! I will look into those two new launches as this is a semi regular club trip for us.

With the Grouse and Claret I find it worth phoning ahead and agreeing with the manager as the bar staff sometimes don't know about boat launching.

The other launch at the moment is to go just past the square and compass, over the bridge, turn left just before the HGV place and there are some car parking spaces. You can get down to the river there. There is often a 'no canoe launching' sign there. And there often isn't.

Re: RIVER DERWENT (Darley Dale to Matlock)

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 3:05 pm
by pixulator
Went down and had a look at Damppaddlers option 2. Good easy / short path with large flat area.

Went back at 12 pm (sunday) and an angler was on the spot. I was not keen on conversing, being by myself, so left.

Gate on right after bridge.

Lovely little spot for a beginner like me.

Re: RIVER DERWENT (Darley Dale to Matlock)

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:05 pm
by damppaddler
For the sake of completeness:
Upstream to downstream

1. Peak Shopping village (Rowsley) - discreetly unload at the back of the car park, hop over the stile with your kit and move the car back onto the public road that leads to the car park (the car park is locked out of hours so if your late back and you didn't move your car, expect an overnighter in the car) - the launch is a bit muddy, but calm and big
2. Grouse and Claret pub (Rowsley) - ask the manager at the bar and they will let you launch at the back of the campsite behind the pub - nice calm eddy - you can park in the pub car park
3. Peak railway - turn off the A6 half way between Rowsley and darleydale - council recycling center on one side, council depot on the other. Turn left towards the peak railway and pull over just past the small bridge, unload and walk down the river with the stream on your right. Nice gravely bank. Park back by the council refuse centre
4. The arc - opposite the arc sports centre - pull off the road into a car parking area - park and unload. Cross the railway (public footpath/crossing) and walk across the fields to the river and launch
5. Sainsburys bridge (Matlock) - follow a6 into Matlock - at the 1st roundabout (next to the flats) turn right over the bridge towards Sainsburys - as you go over the bridge pull up onto the pavement on the right (there is a dropped curb) unload and walk down to the foot path and then start to go towards the bridge - you should see a small cutting down to the river - banks a bit steep but manageable - there some rocks at river level to launch from. Park your car 200m back up the A6 on the right
6. Upper Sainsburys (Matlock) - turn in to Sainsburys but carry on to the right up the hill - pull over and park on the road by the old quarry? entrance road - walk down the quarry road and you will eventually come to the footpath by the river. Go under the bridge and there is a tree stump and rocks in the river - launch here.
7. Square and Compass raft launch (Darley bridge) - ask in the pub
8. Darley bridge - go past the pub, over the bridge and take an immediate left - park opposite the lorry yard - unload and launch

I can't guarrentee you won't be challenged with any of the launches by fishermen - stay polite and just carry on

Re: RIVER DERWENT (Darley Dale to Matlock)

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 1:32 pm
by andypagett
Two hassle reports from this weekend (8 April 2017)

1. We made arrangements to get on at The Grouse and Claret. Duty Manager Paul had no issue with this. However as we were doing the car shuttle, those left behind got on the water to warm up and were soon meet by a gentleman from Haddon Hall estate. He politely told everyone to get off the river, explaining that "although the pub can grant access to the river bank, they can't grant permission to use the river, as that belongs to Haddon Hall estate who have refused this permission". He also stated that he receives regular complaints from fisherman about canoeist who have disregarded this instruction. Unfortunately I was not there at the time being as I was doing the car shuttle, so was not able to engage him in discussion. The group left behind complied with his request without discussion as he "seemed fairly certain of himself". When I returned I discussed with the group the opposing views on river access, and the decision was made that as we were accessing the river via land which we had been granted permission to cross, and were egressing via an agreed location (slalom course steps), we were within our rights (as we understand them) to paddle. We did not see the gentleman again that day.

2. A couple of hundred metres above Darley Bridge we met a group of three anglers. Unfortunately again it was another member of our group that spoke to them, so I did not have the opportunity to engage them in discussion. They themselves seemed to have no issue with us passing, and were polite and friendly as any civil folk who meet each other in the countryside ought to be. They did however pass on to us "just to let you know for next time that you aren't allowed on here as the owners have stated no canoeing". I guess this is just something they have been told and probably have no idea that any access debate even exists, they just seemed to be getting on with their day and were happy for us to get on with ours; probably understood that they were being helpful!

Otherwise we had a great day teaching open canoe skills. The section from Rowsley to Darley Bridge is excellent for this as there are a lot more easy whitewater features that can be used for teaching / practicing ferryglides, eddy outs, s-turns etc than on the stretch below Darley Bridge which is largely flat until Matlock Road Bridge.

Checkout out some of the other access points described by damppaddler above and would suggest number 3 (also described by pixulator) as a good get on. There is lots of parking, easy access to the river, a nice beach to launch off, no worry about being challenged by people at the shopping village or having to ask permission at the pub, and you get in above all but about 3 of the useable features.

Re: RIVER DERWENT (Darley Dale to Matlock)

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:56 pm
by Rae1
I thought fishing wasnt allowed between late March and early June?
Anyway, I do the Darley Bridge to Matlock section with some regularity. Never had a problem in getting on at either the Square and Compass or near the transport depot. Fishermen on this section have never been a problem, except for one extremely grumpy one on Jan. 2nd this year. He was just below the top weir at Artists Corner car park. I went to the opposite bank to ask if he minded us on the river near him, or should we go further up to not bother him. I just got a load of abuse off him, saying I had ruined his day! He was so wound up that I expected him to have a heart attack.
Contrast that to another guy on the lower weir who didnt mind 4 people in that area, he said it might perk the fish up a little and he might get a bite. Doubtful as it was about freezing at the time.
Where did you get on at the Grouse and Claret?
I looked there last year, at the back of the caravan site, close to the bridge, but it was so overgrown, that I went back to Darley bridge.

Re: RIVER DERWENT (Darley Dale to Matlock)

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 4:49 pm
by DanKaya

Looking at doing the run from the recycling centre to the slalom course tomorrow. Does anyone have any updates on the river or those put ins/outs?

Any info would be great!

Cheers 👍

Re: RIVER DERWENT (Darley Dale to Matlock)

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 6:12 pm
by Rae1
Getting in at Darley Bridge is probably the easiest place to get on.
We've done the section form Artists corner to the end of the slalom course twice in the last 2 weeks, no problems at all.
There was a tree down somewhere above there a few weeks ago, but its such a slow river, you'll see it beforehand.

Re: RIVER DERWENT (Darley Dale to Matlock)

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 7:36 pm
by DanKaya
Cheers will scout it out tomorrow, hoping to be there early so have plenty of time. Wanted to make sure it was run-able as we’re travelling an hour to get there. Thanks for the reply, looking forward to it.