River Dove - Dove Cliff Weir

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River Dove - Dove Cliff Weir

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The project to remove Dove Cliff weir north of Burton on the River Dove is nearing completion, however it is still not navigable. the river is channeled through 6-8 large pipes that are too small to fit and it's a difficult decamp to portage as the banks are fairly steep and soft and the water is quite deep. It's far from impossible though.
Also, watch out for the channel on the right after the pipes, this is a dead-ended detour of the River Dove. Stick to the main flow.

https://consult.environment-agency.gov. ... liff-weir/

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Re: River Dove - Dove Cliff Weir

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We paddled this last weekend... it was quite a surprise after coming round the corner! We paddle this stretch semi-regularly and have been seeing the changes to the weir since it started. Each time we paddle it there is a different challenge to overcome when passing the works. Currently its at its worst for passage and safety. In canoes its ok as you can hop out easily enough but in kayaks would be more challenging, the bank is also loose rubble. There is a fair amount of flow through the pipes, even at low water. Good to know its due to complete soon.

After the weir further down, closer to the A38 there are three trees across the river which are becoming more problematic for getting by as they continue to grow. Planning to try and do some pruning at some point if anyone wants to help.

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