Grade 2/3 rivers

From the Warwickshire Avon in the south, to the Trent in the north
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Grade 2/3 rivers

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Hi all,
I am currently back home and looking to head out canoeing with my dad. I am looking for a grade 2/3 river in the midlands where I can easily get back to my car to pick it up after the run. Maybe something with a few rapids in or something. I don't mind biking back up to the car to collect it or something like that. If people could suggest some options, would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Dan Smedley

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Re: Grade 2/3 rivers

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River Wye in the Peak District from A6 layby near Buxton (Cheedale Gorge) to Milner's Dale or further down to Monsall Head.
Lovely, scenic and never too hard. There are two major rapids on the Milner's Dale to Monsall Head section, can be portaged. Get changed before you get to the river, some fishermen don't like paddlers. Once on the river no problems.
Turtleback. We'll take you there

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