river access minor progress

From the Warwickshire Avon in the south, to the Trent in the north
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river access minor progress

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I am currently in discussion with the derbyshire dales district council to get them to remove the 'NO CANOEING' sign under the 1st railway bridge on river derwent between Darley Bridge and Matlock - things are looking promising so far, I will keep the forum informed

And finally Matlock Canoe Clubs website - it used to listed a lot of rivers in Derbyshire saying 'don't paddle this, there is no access agreement and if you paddle it you will jeopardise current negotiations'
I email Chris Martin (their access officer?) a while ago asking for the guide to be brought in line with the Canoe England access policy (access agreements are not needed), I never go a reply but I noticed today the river guide section has been removed from the site

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Re: river access minor progress

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Nice one - I've been hassling them to remove that rubbish for aver a year.
Chris Martin was the Peak River Advisor as well!

Keep CE informed. I had a good meeting last year and they were prepared to back increased access but did stop short of supporting the publication of guides to the Peak area's rivers.
If you need any additional help PM me.

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