Stonesdale Beck

North of the Trent drainage, flowing to the North Sea
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Stonesdale Beck

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Re: Stonesdale Beck

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Ran the bottom gorge of this again the other day, walking up from Rainby. Not quite as fun as I remembered it from the 1st time, but definitely worth a look at least once.

If you don't want to miss the top bit of the Swale by putting in up on the moors, the 10 minute or so walk up from Rainby is a good option. Get out below Rainby and above the confluence, walk up and look at Currack Force (if the lip of this looks just about deep enough to boof, the gorge will be a good level), cross the bridge, go through the gate and walk up river left. Probably worth a look for trees on the way up. The siphony drop is about 50-100m above the next gate, climb the fence and seal launch in directly before the next (really fun!) drop - don't go right, you'll miss the best move on the run.

Currack Force goes when the gorge might be a little high for a 1st run down - there is a ledge that sticks out halfway down that catches your tail unless you've got enough water to boof out and over it. The more water the better. Pool seems deep enough as long as you can get some sort of boof though. Levels don't match up that well with the Swale as it goes up and down so fast. I've run it with plenty of water when the Swale's been on about 1.2 and rising fast and it's been too low when the Swale was on 1.5 and dropping.

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Ran the top part of this today, though got out before the tree-infested part, so we could rush off and do Whitsundale too. Swale was at 1.06m just before we drove up. Stonesdale could have done with a bit more water, but apart from a few bumps was a nice level for a first time run - nothing comes up too quickly.
There's a few ledgey/slidey drops which look good if you get a nice sunny spate day ;-)

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