Middlehope Burn

North of the Trent drainage, flowing to the North Sea
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Middlehope Burn

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Anyone done this before? I had a brief paddle on Monday night after very heavy rain. Worth a look if you're local and fancy some adventurous grade 3. It was getting dark when I got there, so walked in to the old lead mine workings at 906392 - this is where the fun bit starts and isn't a bad walk down an obvious track - park by the stile at the top of the hill on the little road up from Westgate. I've walked the whole thing all the way to the road bridge and it all goes if you have more time, 2 cars and enough water. I put on not far above the highlight of the run, a tunnel to boof to tunnel combo in the middle of the old mine workings, and carried on down into the wooded gorge below. This is very pleasant grade 3 with regular small ledge drops to keep up the interest. A bit tree-ey at the moment though, and it wasn't long before I was hanging on to a tuft of grass 6ft above a tree strainer in the near pitch dark under the tree canopy. This persuaded me it was time to give up and walk out, but from walking it in the dry and the short section I paddled I would say the interest will continue all the way down to Westgate.

Worth a look for an adventurous, local grade 3/4 paddler wanting something a bit different or if everything else is scary high. Combine it with Kilhope, Rookhope (5 mins away) or go exploring on some of the other little ditches, there's plenty more potential!

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