River Wharfe for a flat water paddle

North of the Trent drainage, flowing to the North Sea
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River Wharfe for a flat water paddle

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Hi All

Any advice please?

My wife and I paddle a couple of touring kayaks. Paddle a lot on the Ouse, Ure, Tees and in the Lakes, but looking for new locations within a couple of hours of home(Northallerton).

Considering a paddle for between 3-4 hours around Wetherby on the Wharfe.

I see from OS maps, downstream from the weir you wouldn't get far before arriving at another weir but upstream looks as there should be quite a decent run. Anyone have any advise on whether this is practical, where to put in, parking etc.?

Only have one vehicle so ideally need to paddle upstream to start for an easy return!

Any advise/suggestions welcome.


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Re: River Wharfe for a flat water paddle

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hi- I get over to harrogate quite often as my girlfriend lives there. shes just started paddling and we get on the ure a bit but havent taken her on the wharfe yet. if you fancy meeting up for a bimble sometime give me a shout. also get out in the dales and lakes quite a bit

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