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Barbon Beck

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 11:11 pm
by Jim Pullen

barbon beck

Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 3:14 pm
by ewen fraser
had similar experience in last drop in January , I needed pulling out and it took 40 mins to get my boat out (thought I was going to have to abandon it - if just endlessly cartwheeled itself in the hole)

I thought the upper half was great by the way ; and the lower half crap with all the tress/fences ( and deceptively sticky slot)

Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 3:58 pm
by Jim Pullen
Sounds very similar to my experience! I only got out by tucking up into a ball and pushing off from the bottom. The boat stayed in for ages and took a good hammering! We eventually got it out with a crab gaffer-taped to a long stick attached to a throwline - even then it took two hauling on the rope before it would release it! It looks like a gerbil has been nibbling on both ends!

I thought I'd lost my paddles, but found them later that day when the river had dropped a bit. I did lose my kit bag - it's yellow and doesn't contain much apart from a sling, multitool and some jaffa cakes. I guess its floated off down the Lune and maybe out to sea by now, but if anyone spots it, let me know!

The sheep fences were annoying, but a lot had washed away when we ran it, and those that hadn't could be dodged or pushed past.

It was definitely a fun run and worth it despite everything!

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2008 2:29 pm
by callwild
Sounds like this last fall needs a better warning in the next edition of the guide. Grade?
Stuart Miller

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2008 6:01 pm
by Jim Pullen
Difficult to say! The guy in front of me cleared it without bother. I'd say 4, but with consequences!
I've submitted a full guide into the site, but guess it'll be a while before it makes an appearance!


Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2008 2:51 pm
by Jim Pullen


Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 6:15 pm
by Tom W
Trees still a major problem. There are three in / directly below the roosters tail rapid that leads into Witches Cauldron, and then one in Witches Cauldron itself. Shame. Will require some serious attention, not just a pruning saw.


Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:03 pm
by mole
Barbon beck today after running away from a lot of rivers that were out of their box's. There is currently a tree across the flow after the first 4M drop above the witches cauldron and 2 long spars in the cauldron itself, most other stuff was clear. Anyone not fancying the big seal launch can just follow the path a bit further down the left and get in at river level which saves faffing.


Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:52 am
by Ralph Graves
Large slimy tree trunk also lodged in the slot/cauldron. I'd like it all shifted, but not experienced with such things. I can provide an extra set of hands for hauling on ropes if anyone fancies the walk up from the church bridge of an evening.