Gene17 Adventure Paddlers Weekend 2015

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Gene17 Adventure Paddlers Weekend 2015

Post by Gene17Kayaking » Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:48 pm



Gene17's Adventure Paddlers Weekend

Can't wait? Stupidly happy? Rivers been ranging? This years Gene17 Adventure Paddlers Weekend at the River Dart Country Park 5/6 December.

We have the guys from BUKE with their Madagascar trip, Captain Butler's 'Anacondas & Condors belie and beyond 15' trip to Peru, the new 9RL from Pyranha, the new Dagger Nomad if all 3 sizes, plus Palm's 2016 line up on show. We're have a great prize for the best hash tagged image #2015APWE from the 4/6 December.

A great fun event, open to all and completely free.

See Facebook Event for details

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