Mythbusting, Shooting Sacred Cows and Updating in Style!

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Mythbusting, Shooting Sacred Cows and Updating in Style!

Post by GregS » Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:06 am


So who's up for cutting through the overblown guff and shooting a few sacred cows?

On Sunday 3rd May Dave Kohn-Hollins will cutting free from typical constraints with a Mythbusting course on WWSR and on Monday 4th May we're into "Does Leadership Exist – a conundrum" - challenging perceptions.

If that's not your thing... how about teaming up with guru who helps mountain rescue teams enhance their water rescue capability and a Course Director of MountainSafe to look at "River Rescue & Incident Management for Canoeists" - a pioneering day introducing boaters to perspectives from beyond standard WWSR training :)

Still not your thing? OK - how about a full day on the coast... in sea kayak territory... working with L5 Guru Jules Burnard on what's involved with Coastal Canoeing - taking open water training to new levels.

Beyond all of that we've things like: All this and more at - with booking at

Ps. Most options open to ANY CRAFT - Options for DAY VISITORS - More update details here.

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