Liverpool Canoe Club Hosts REEL PADDLING FILM FESTIVAL 2014

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Liverpool Canoe Club Hosts REEL PADDLING FILM FESTIVAL 2014

Post by puddled » Wed Aug 13, 2014 11:44 am

Liverpool Canoe Club Hosts REEL PADDLING FILM FESTIVAL 2014

In association with RAPID MEDIA, Ontario Canada, Liverpool Canoe Club is hosting the only UK showing for this world tour

Monday 10th November 2014
7:00pm - 9:30pm
At the Conference Suite - Liverpool Marina

Purchase your advance tickets now as places are limited. £7.00 each

This is an electronic booking and your ticket can be collected on the door on arrival.
Seats are limited but spare tickets may be available at the door - cost £10.00

Our talks are open to all – click for location map ... /index.php


We will be showing all 5 category winning films along with a selection of other short films covering all aspects of paddle sports.

2014 Award Winning Films

>> WHITEWATER catagory
Creek Boater
We all day dream about the things we love. In this video, Kim Becker day dreams about her favorite thing: kayaking.

Director: Kelsey Thompson | Producer: Lee Visual | Website:

>> DOCUMENTARY catagory
Everyday Push
The story of Mike Conneen, a former skateboard star, and his journey through addiction and life in a wheelchair after a horrible accident, as well as his love and passion for kayak fishing.

Director: Rob DeVore | Producer: Rob DeVore and Mike Conneen

Handling Emergency Situations
A dramatic series of true-life emergency scenarios are led by top
sea kayaker Gordon Brown and the rescue professionals of the U.K. coastguard and lifeboat services. Viewers see each stage of the rescue from every angle—control room, helicopter, lifeboat and kayakers—so you learn how to best help yourself. This film reveals the most effective ways to summon assistance and to help the professionals conduct a safe, efficient rescue. A 45-minute version of this film is on the DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown, Volume 3.

Director and Producer: Simon Willis | Website:

>> CANOEING catagory
Have Kids, Will Paddle
If planning the next family vacation makes you sweat, settle in for a 3,400-kilometer, three-month family canoe journey from Jasper, Alberta, to the Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories. Dan, his wife Alice Young Clark, with their kids Koby, age five, and three-year-old Ava Fei, left their jobs, home and community behind for a 100-day northern adventure. “We go on wilderness trips to escape our civilized world, to strengthen our family bond, and to get grounded in nature,” explains Clark.
Director and Producer: Dan Clark | Website:

>> STANDUP catagory
The first whitewater SUP expedition of its kind, this film portrays an adventure to southern Africa with the intent of pushing the limits of whitewater SUP and what can be done.

Director and Producer: Corran Addison | Website:

>> SHORT catagory
Kayak Free Kayaking
Follow the world’s greatest kayaker, adventure icon Trip Deacon, while he pushes action sports to new limits and creates the concept of kayaking without a kayak. Follow Trip as he searches for life’s meaning and attempts to conquer his dream of being the first person to ever kayak down Lombard Street in San Francisco...without a kayak. Witness the danger through helmet-mounted cameras as Trip throws fear aside and drops into the unknown world of kayakless kayaking.

Director: John Dabrowski | Producer: Mark Odlum and John Dabrowski | Website:

>> SEA KAYAKING catagory
Paddle to the Ocean
What do you do when your best friend dies doing something you both love? Paddle to the Ocean is a documentary film about using a banjo, kayak and bicycle to recover from post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2011, Zac Crouse (musician, recreation therapist and expedition kayaker) toured his solo album from Ottawa to Halifax without using fossil fuel. It was a journey Zac had intended to do with his friend Corey, who passed away during a kayaking adventure with Zac in Nova Scotia. Paddle to the Ocean is a tribute to Zac’s friend; it also examines the stigma associated with mental illness while demonstrating the benefits of physical activity and music.
Director: Kelsey Thompson | Producer: Zac Crouse | Website:;

STAND, presented by Quiksilver Waterman, takes viewers on a journey through the waters of British Columbia’s west coast. Under threat by
the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker route is
a coastline of immense beauty, pristine ecosystems, and a way of life rich in culture and history. Through the efforts of expedition standup paddler Norm Hann, an aboriginal high school class building their own standup paddleboards as a form of protest, and the powerful surfing of iconic west coast native Raph Bruhwiler, the diversity of people, landscape and wildlife that would be affected by an oil spill is articulated. STAND takes you to the core of the issue and unfurls the soul of B.C.’s west coast, one paddle stroke at a time.
Director and Producer: Anthony Bonello and Nicolas Teichrob | Website:

The Old Man and the Sea: The Expedition
Martin Falkind was 14 years old when he first read Hemingway’s
novel The Old Man and the Sea. Since that day, he nurtured a dream. Martin persuades his friends Pasi and Fredrik to come along with him on a fishing trip by kayak in the Pacific Ocean. This film is about the fish of many fishermen’s dreams—the marlin; its biology and how it is gradually disappearing from the oceans, and what can be done to save it. More than an adventure, the Swedes go through many failures but find that Santiago, the character in Hemingway’s novel, helps them in their outlook on life. The Old Man, Santaigo, never gives in, and neither do Martin, Fredrik and Pasi.

Director: Björn Tjärnberg | Producer: Maria Alander | Website:

>> KAYAK FISHING catagory
Why We Fish
Those who don’t fish, can’t really understand what they’re missing. Renowned big game kayak angler and host of The Kayak Fishing Show, Jim Sammons, explains what drives him to travel the world in search of the next big bite.

Director: Kelsey Thompson | Producer: Ken Whiting | Website:
2014 Reel Paddling Film Festival World Tour Films


2300 Miles Down the Missouri: On a Stand Up Paddleboard
During the summer of 2013, Scott Mestrezat embarked on a standup paddleboard journey down the Missouri River. 107 days and 2,300 miles after launching in Three Forks, Montana, Scott and his homemade wooden paddleboard reached St. Louis. Along the way he snapped a series of pictures every day to take the viewer down the river, which resulted in this video.
Director and Producer: Scott Mestrezat | Website:

2600 above 60
Join four men on a 2,600-mile journey through blizzards, frozen lakes and mountains as they travel for 130 days from the Alaskan coast
 to Hudson Bay. From the challenge of paddling through the Rocky Mountains to the stark beauty of the tundra, this film is an adventure through North America’s last great wilderness.
Director and Producer: Peter Marshall | Website:

Bass on the Road
Bass on the Road follows two Florida-based anglers on a journey from catching their customary saltwater fish to catching several different bass species found in the southeastern United States. In the film, Jim Van Pelt and Bob Bramblet employ the help of The River Stalkers—Evan Howard, Eric Hughes and Stewart Venable. The story takes place in South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia.
Director: Rob DeVore | Producer: Bob Bramblet and Rob DeVore | Website:

Dark Water
Fear is in us all, whether it’s a fear of darkness or pushing the boundaries of your personal abilities. Blair Trotman pushes his comfort level while running 60-foot Sutherland Falls at night.

Director: Kelsey Thompson | Producer: Lee Visual | Website:

Fundy Fun
Humpback whales inches from your kayak or multiple beat downs at the Walton ‘Whopper’—these are some of the contrasting experiences captured on camera in Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy. Join top sea kayakers taking on the world’s largest tidal range, carving it up in the chocolately rapids of the Shubie River and seeing how long they can hold their breath in the meaty hole at Walton. Local paddler Chris Lockyer hosts Matt Nelson, Jaime Sharp, Justine Curgenven, Paul Kuthe, Sean Morley, Ryan Rushton, Rowan Gloag and Nick Cunliffe.

Director and Producer: Justine Curgenven | Website:

After a four-year break from competitive whitewater kayaking, filmmaker Polly Green decides to get back on the river. After qualifying for the New Zealand team, Green heads to Germany for the 2011 World Championships. Once there, she discovers the sport has advanced enormously during her absence and the competition on the water is fierce. Disappointed to not make the cut, Green continues to follow three women in their quest for the coveted title, giving viewers a rare look into the mind, heart and drive of an unusual and inspiring sport. Ruth Gordon-Ebens and Emily Jackson are both former world champs with a wealth of experience behind them. Claire O’Hara, from the U.K., has been training hard and her dream of a world title is now in sight. Only one can win.
Director and Producer: Polly Green | Website:

International Whitewater Hall of Fame: Class of 2013
Since 2005, the International Whitewater Hall of Fame has honored 
39 individuals from Australia, Belgium, Canada, the Czech, France, Germany, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Slovakia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States who have made significant contributions to the whitewater community. Anyone can nominate someone through IWHOF affiliate organizations. Applications are reviewed by a screening panel, then put to a vote by paddlesports competitors, instructors, manufacturers, retailers and outfitters. In 2013, explorer Peter ‘Slime’ Knowles (UK), pioneer Graham Mackereth (UK), champion Milo Duffek (Switzerland) and advocate Ramone Eaton (USA) are honored.
Director: Risa Shimoda | Producer: Ben Saheb | Website:;

In the summer of 2012, Frank Wolf and Todd McGowan attempted
a 620-kilometer journey by canoe from Nain, Newfoundland, to Kangiqsualujjuaq, Quebec, via a new route over the vast tundra of the Labrador Plateau. A local mosquito, named Malina, tags along and narrates the film as the quirky pair journey though this little-known region of the north. With good humor and a dash of performance art, they endure a myriad of whitewater rapids, mountain portages, and clouds of mosquitos and black flies. Much more than an adventure film, Kitturiaq (which means mosquito in Inuktitut) shares the perspectives of the Inuit and Innu people who have called this land home for thousands of years as they face the challenge of balancing their traditional ways with the demands of the modern world.
Director and Producer: Frank Wolf | Website:

London 2 London
Having become the first woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean, Sarah Outen set her sights on rowing, cycling and kayaking around the world. This is the story of the challenging leg from London to France in which she kayaks almost non-stop. Despite being exhausted and sick, the journey culminates in crossing the world’s busiest shipping lane at night. Sarah’s courage and optimistic personality make this a feel-good, funny film, despite her substantial struggles.
Director and Producer: Justine Curgenven | Website:

My Valin
My Valin is a short film about growing up to be who you want to be and following your dreams and passion no matter what holds you down on the road. Follow Louis-Philippe Rivest and friends bombing down the Valin River in St-Fulgence, Quebec, Canada.
Director and Producer: Louis-Philippe Rivest

New Zealand Kayak Fishing
Come along for a wild ride! Whether you’re into the sport or a fan of the marine environment, this insight will appeal to any adventure-minded enthusiast. Includes Chatham Island, one of New Zealand’s last frontiers, that had never been fished from a kayak, until recently.
Director and Producer: Rob Fort | Website:

NINE Rivers
NINE RIVERS follows four men on a month-long, thousand-kilometer canoe journey through the Canadian Shield. The trip begins north of Pickle Lake and follows nine rivers that cross three watersheds on the way to Fort Severn, Ontario’s most northern community on the shore of Hudson Bay. The route is as difficult as it is varied. Cutting over a thousand kilometers of Canadian Shield, it includes massive rivers and nameless creeks, upstream slogs and whitewater runs.
Director: Matt Perpick, David Hartman, Adam Bielher | Producer: Matt Perpick | Website:

Once Around Algonquin: Nippissing River Segment
Algonquin’s “Meanest Link” canoe route is properly titled—because it is mean. The 350-kilometer route consists of 55 lakes, six rivers (three of which have to be paddled upstream), and 93 portages that add up to 68 kilometers in total. This segment, taken from the full-hour documentary, highlights one of the buggiest but most memorable waterways along the journey.
Director and Producer: Kevin Callan | Website:

Save Wolf Lake
Wolf Lake is at the heart of the world’s largest contiguous ancient red pine forest and lies on the Chiniguchi River, a popular wilderness canoe route. In 1999, the government of Ontario committed to protect this forest with the creation of the Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park upstream and downstream of Wolf Lake. At the time, impeding mining leases withheld protection from the oldest trees which immediately surround Wolf Lake. The expiry of these leases in 2012 ignited the expectation that this area would finally be protected, however this did not happen. This film chronicles this critically endangered red pine forest.
Director and Producer: Rob Nelson | Website:

Zegul in the City
Kayaking is a positive addiction. Once you get the feel you never want to stop. But what to do when you live up north where the water is frozen most of the time? You take your passion to the streets. Zegul in the City shows us extraordinary scenes of winter kayaking in the center of Tallinn, a medieval city under the protection of UNESCO. The snowy streets, once roamed by knights, are taken over by Zegul. The result is something unique, a must-watch for every kayaking enthusiast.
Director and Producer: Karl Saluveer | Website:

For more information visit

Dont hang around - order your tickets online now

See you there
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Re: Liverpool Canoe Club Hosts REEL PADDLING FILM FESTIVAL 2

Post by puddled » Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:05 am

Just a few days to go now so don't miss out

Monday 10th November 2014
7:00pm - 9:30pm
At the Conference Suite - Liverpool Marina

This is the ONLY UK showing of this film festival and, no matter what kind of paddling you do, its packed with stuff you would enjoy

See above for full details
Northshore Atlantic/Burn 2/Greenland T/Prospector

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