UK Alternative to the Everglades Challenge?

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UK Alternative to the Everglades Challenge?

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Hi Everyone,

New member here - I currently have a CLC Sport Tandem kayak which I built some years ago and then heavily modified so it can also be a fast sailing kayak trimaran as well:

I absolutely love it but have also been experimenting with a much larger project - a 6m hydrofoiling trimaran which should be ready for test sailing from April I hope.

Onto the point of the post, I'm wondering if there is anything approaching the Watertribe Everglades Challenge in the UK or if there might be any interest in one or something similar?

I'm going to be looking at some short test runs in the Solent where I am based and do a quick blast round the Island but then start looking for something like say Plymouth up round the Isle of Wight and back?

The South Coast Adventure Race - SCAR as bounds to get some....

Might there be any interest in something like this in the UK do you think?

Or something a bit shorter / easier to start with?

Start near Hastings or Dungeness and head west around the Isle of Wight and back?

Anyway, I think it would be fantastic to pull together something like this that could include all sorts of boats from kayaks, canoes, dinghies, cats and trimarans - even paddleboards!

I'll be really interested in any thoughts / feedback!

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