Thule Wingbars and V-bars

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Thule Wingbars and V-bars

Post by chrism »

Anybody using this combo? Will the standard u-bolt fit around a wingbar or do I need the specific t-bolt fixings I see you can now get? Has anybody drilled their v-bar in order to use a single t-bolt through the middle of the v-bar?

I need new roofbars, and trying to decide whether to spend the extra on wingbars over the standard square bars.

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Re: Thule Wingbars and V-bars

Post by Hengle »

To use Vees on the silver aero bard with the standard U bolt clamp you need 2 sets ie 2 clamps for each end. With the U going over the Vee bar and the cross piece going under the roof bar to the other U.

The better system if you are going to have to reinvest in clamps is that Roland makes a universal plate to fit all roof bars
both Ivan or Marsport stock them


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Re: Thule Wingbars and V-bars

Post by k1orange »

I use t bolts in slot much neater

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