which polo paddle??

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which polo paddle??

Post by anakincaley » Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:10 pm

I am wanting to buy my first polo paddle, I am just completing my first season so still new to it all. I find the club paddles are too heavy and put a strain on my wrist. I have narrowed my choice down to
Streamlyte kinetic polo paddle or galasport contact paddle.
Does anyone have any reviews for either of these? And what are the pros+cons. Also I'm trying to decide which feather to get, I do ww paddling and use a narrow shaft 45 angle blade. Do polo paddles come in narrow shafts? And what feather would people suggest?
Or are there any other paddles I should consider? Any advise would be great.


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Re: which polo paddle??

Post by jriddell » Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:49 pm

I use ty warp paddles which work fine but have no way of telling from feeling the grip which way is the right way to hold the blade. That's occasionally a problem when you let go of a paddle and need to pick it up without looking at it which happens in polo. Sometimes I end up with my paddles backwards. So make sure the grip is obvious by feel alone.

Use whichever feather you are used to. I've seen zero degrees work with a full arm grip when in goals. I use my 45s. But the most important thing is that you can use it without having to think so you don't need to stop at all in the heat of playing.

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Re: which polo paddle??

Post by andy g » Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:30 am

Much depends upon how serious you are going to be about polo.
If you want to play seriously at national division 3 and above you will start to need some good equipment, if you just want to play more socially at club level then you dont need to think above a more basic level.
If you are going to be a specialist goalie , then you need longer paddles (say 205 cms) and a feather close to or at 90 Deg , but if an outfield player then there are other options, and you can play with whatever feels comfortable to you, but remember that you may have to cover the goalkeeper role whatever your normal position is. Your paddles should be slightly longer than the whitewater norms , say around 198/200 cms for a start.

The Streamlyte is a great paddle to start with and is used by many serious players as a training paddle as it is so much cheaper to replace. The Gala Sport blade shape will probably take a bit more getting used to , but they are fine paddles if you prefer more asymetric blades. Personally I would go for the Streamlytes but try to demo both. I am not sure about paddle shaft diameter options on either but talk to the suppliers and ask the question.

Good luck


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