Long distance training base

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Long distance training base

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Sharon Colley and Shaun Thrower from Hereford Kayak Club and recent finishers of the worlds longest kayak race, the Yukon River Race of 460 miles, are currently training on Nelo Surfski's at the Kayak del Mar training base in Puerto Calero - Lanzarote.


http://www.herefordtimes.com/sport/9218 ... kayak_race_/

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Re: Long distance training base

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Re: Long distance training base

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PSK wrote:Yukon 1000 ? :)
I don't think this post is really about Shaun and Sharon doing the Yukon, I'm afraid.

Look at the other posts from the same person.

This should be in the commercial adverts section.

To be fair, it is probably just another paddler trying to make a living out of paddling, but veiling adverts as news stories is a bit underhand. I did a few training sessions in a group with Shaun Thrower in Hereford back in the late 90s - he is a good chap and is unlikely to have condoned the content of the first post.


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Re: Long distance training base

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The chap concerned is called Bjarke and you are right he is running a small kayaking business. I have used his services twice over the last 3 years and it was here that I found him.
I was paddling with him the week before Sharon & Shaun were out there – it was unfortunate that the weather was bad and I could not use the Surfski’s.
It was Shaun’s turn to do the Glasgow to Edinburgh this year with Sharon as the support crew – They are still focused and fast.

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