High-backed seat in racing K1 what's the crack

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High-backed seat in racing K1 what's the crack

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Most racing kayak manufacturers offer the choice of speccing a standard or a high-backed seat. Trouble for me is, I have never found any principled, or theory-based account under what circumstances one is supposed to be preferable over the other.

Obviously the 'try it and see if you like it' school of thought always has a lot going for it. My question is, is seat comfort ALL there is to it? I am the sort of person who likes to know the thinking behind a technological innovation. (For example I can understand why people experimented with swivelling seats to help with rotation.)

Are there biomechanical predictions what sort of paddler is meant to benefit more from a high-backed kayak seat? Or, what sort of usage is a high-backed seat meant to be more suited to? Sprint or marathon? Men or women? Wey or Worcester (only joking)
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Re: High-backed seat in racing K1 what's the crack

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Sprint, I believe.

High backed seats prevent your arse moving back too far when you leg drive, providing you with a bit more leverage and reducing the 'give' between the paddle blade and the boat.

I reckon.

Some of my guys prefer them for marathon too though, paddling DW this last year with them.



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