DW training - aching "hips"

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DW training - aching "hips"

Post by JDW72 »

Hi all,

I've noticed on longer trips or on days where we've trained the day before, my hips* start aching after about 8 - 10 miles and it makes things quite uncomfortable. A few things I've noticed are:
- it only happens when I'm in the front (maybe related to the effort of constantly having to steer our overstern Condor which seems to have a mind of its own sometimes)
- I can only recall it happening once in a K1 and that was a while ago when I took a wobbly (for me) boat out the day after we'd done a 13 miler
- It takes a couple of days to stop aching (i.e. I can feel it this morning)

Is this is a common complaint for people who take kayaking up later in life?

Hopefully this is just related to the fact that I'm reasonably new to this and am using muscles that haven't seen much active service over the past 37 years but I'd like to be sure and to be sure that it's not technique related.

If it is just a muscle thing, I'd like to make 100% sure that I do everything I can to ensure that they don't suddenly start aching at 3am somewhere outside Windsor or whevever we are next Easter so are there any techniques that people know have been used successfully for this probelm in the past or is it just a case of gritting my teeth for the next few months whilst the body gets used to it?


* - not 100% sure exactly what it is that's aching. It's right at the top of the centre / inner side of my thighs, about 3 - 4 inches down and inwards from my hip bone on each side. It might be the "Sartorius muscle" or possibly the "Pectineus" or maybe the "Iliopsoas" - http://www.innerbody.com/image/musfov.html for what I'm on about

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Re: DW training - aching "hips"

Post by ChrisBainbridge »

I suspect that this is because you are using new muscles. Also you are probably sitting rigidly in the seat rather than relaxed, so that each wobble of the boat pulls on an already tight muscle.

Have a look online for hip adductor stretches and try a visit to a sports massage person who should be able to advise.

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Re: DW training - aching "hips"

Post by Jonny Bravo »

May also be you're not used to sitting in that particular position - what footwear are you using?

If you're using trainers or running shoes rather than wet suit boots - your heels will be lifted by 1-2" from the floor of the boat, making it a less comfy position - if you're not in wetsuit boots - go for a paddle barefoot and see if it makes any difference

If you're stable, you could also try boosting up the seat a tad with karrimat

Craig @ Marsport

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Re: DW training - aching "hips"

Post by Eliza Dolittle »

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Re: DW training - aching "hips"

Post by Grouchmonkey »

Bursitis? It's quite a common stress-related condition in this area for runners and the constant repetitive movement if you are swivelling your hips correctly could well bring it on. Sounds minor but if you can't identify what is causing it and reduce any internal swelling, could get worse and worse, so worth going to a sports physio to get it checked out.

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Re: DW training - aching "hips"

Post by goliver »

You could also get aching from a low seat. A higher seat would give a better seating position but will alter your stability though.


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