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Gaybo WWR for sale

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 12:20 pm
by wendywoo
Gaybo white water racer for sale.
This is a super-light kevlar / carbon / duct tape construction racer.

It was dry the last time I paddled it but to withstand a blast down the Washburn or similar it would need a bit of work on it so really it's a bit of a project or for a club that wants a low value boat for youths to try.

With it comes a Lettmann (I think) wing paddle that just needs a saw and a spigot to set it to your preferred feather. At the moment it's set at 60 degrees right hand.

There's a spraydeck with it as well.

It'd be nice to get £50 for it but really we just want it to be useful to someone.


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