K1 Training for Devizes to Westminister

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K1 Training for Devizes to Westminister

Post by J.C.S » Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:35 am

I am interested to find out what other potential K1 paddlers do training wise to complete the course over the 4 days.
My aim is to complete not compete because I am treating as a 50th birthday challenge. I am a experienced WW paddler. My aim is to get train on the water once a week until the end of Dec and then increase this to twice a week. Currently I am also Circuit train 3 times a week and swimming once a week.

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Re: K1 Training for Devizes to Westminister

Post by PaulK1 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:43 pm

I did it twice as a stage race as a junior and I was planning to do I this year in K1 until i injured myself.

As a junior I was paddling about 5 times per week, mostly interval sessions which were about an hour long (e.g. 8 minutes on 1 off times 6 to 8) then an occasional long session of 2 hours or more (most were races e.g Watersides, Thamesides, Ross Warland). Plus 2 gyms sessions most weeks and one run (mix of intervals and steady 5 km).

When I was training for it this year I did similar but with less training. Roughly 3 or 4 paddles per week (mostly intervals of 6 to 12 minutes) 2 or 3 gym sessions (perhaps more than ideal but I like it and it’s warm) and one 5 km run. I wasn't planning on doing any warm up races but I did start doing a long paddle once a month.

In general I'd say:

Try to get time on the water whenever possible. However fit you are you need a bit of time in the boat to be able to transfer it to paddling. Plus you’ll toughen up your hands, get more used to the boat etc.

Personally I think you can do well without ever doing paddles over an hour in training, as long as they are reasonably hard not just slow and steady. An occasional long one will probably help though, the first time I paddle a new longer distance always seems to take a lot more out of me than when I do it a second time. The Waterside races are a good way to see the course, practice having loads of boats racing around you, and do a long hard paddle, but they are far from essential.

It’s worth trying to get some running in, even if only a very small amount. There’s a fair bit of running, most of the portages aren’t long (unless you run all of Crofton) but it adds up and wears you out if you’re not used to running at all.

Finally, if you’re fit and competent in a boat then completing the stage race is mainly a question of not giving up (and not having some disaster or injury). I think pretty much any training regime where you’re training most days and getting fit will get you through it… so feel free to disregard everything I put and just get fit!

Hope that helps a bit.

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Re: K1 Training for Devizes to Westminister

Post by Jim » Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:33 pm

PaulK1 wrote:
Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:43 pm
practice having loads of boats racing around you
For me in a river racer this aspect in training is significant, I really struggle steering when I'm in a mish-mash of wash from other boats (often train with 2-6 others), it is much easier when I'm on my own.
Fortunately we don't usually have mass starts (time trial format at minute intervals) so in races I only have to deal with the wash of 1 boat at a time as I get overtaken.
Obviously you will have a rudder for steering but it is still worth getting some practice at using it whilst being bounced around by the wash of other boats around you, even if you will only have that for 5 minutes of each day in the big race if you crash and swim at the start the rest of your day is unlikely to stay on plan.

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Re: K1 Training for Devizes to Westminister

Post by kvin » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:37 am

Our Club (Devizes) run a training regime over the winter for DW. We hope by now to have new paddlers fairly stable in a k1 (!) We run two evening paddling sessions a week where we do intervals, short fast paddles, wash hanging, portage practice and technique sessions including ergo and slider sessions. On Sundays we do a two to three hour session, including fairly long paddles (up to 12 to 15 miles) and longer local training sessions including lots of portages. Once a month we organise a paddle on the course and work our way down (so that paddlers get experience of the Kennet and the Thames and the Thames locks).

It seems a good idea to run too (I got a fair bit faster having done an "armchair to 10k" running plan) and to do some good core workouts.

But as said it you are fit and take it sensibly (and don't get injured) the four day is realistic without a very serious training plan. The other thing we advocate is shorter harder sessions on the water to make best use of time and try to discourage those who want to do one long slow paddle every weekend.

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