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Post by davebrads »

I've just seen this picture on FacebookImage
The description says it is of the Czech Cup slalom course, but I don't see any gates so I'm not sure what it is. I don't think I would fancy it in a C2, I'm not sure I'd give it a go in a plastic boat!
it's not a playboat, it's a river runner

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Re: Scary

Post by mole »

Crickey! I think I can see a top wire with a gate hanging just to the right of the 2 guys doing bank safety river left with another gate further down r right?

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Re: Scary

Post by blurpup »

I'm pretty sure that's Spindleruv Mlyn where there are WWR and slalom competitions.

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Re: Scary

Post by jamesw2 »

Pretty sure it is Spindle.
Dennis had some epic stories about the wwr there in the late 70s when they sent down a far bigger release than they were meant to for the race.

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Re: Scary

Post by morsey »

Now we are talking, forget the flat Prem courses for the super anaerobic boys and girls, lets get some grunt into the top level of slalom, then you can hang out, and be cool, with us river peeps! :-)

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Re: Scary

Post by k1orange »

We raced junior worlds there in 1996. A great course, no flat at all front start to finish. Great final rapid which we named 4 weddings and a funeral

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