Tyn Cornell

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Tyn Cornell

Post by BjorkMcCready »

If you want a nice weekend running the Tyweren then Tyn Cornell Campsite is the place to stay! :D They are such wonderful people, very friendly and helpful:)


Deffinetly recommend it to anyone :)

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Mark Gawler
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Re: Tyn Cornell

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Mark Gawler

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Re: Tyn Cornell

Post by Vulch »

Mark Gawler wrote:See also:
Bal Camping
Which Campsite for the Tryweryn?

Elegantly done.

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Re: Tyn Cornell

Post by Awful_Paddler »

I can echo that- had a safety incident on the river on Sunday, and they were very sympathetic and accomodating with letting us deal with the situation on their land and had a nice chat! Very well kept site too!

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AS Watersports
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Re: Tyn Cornell

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I stayed there the weekend just gone.

They were a little blunt when reading me the rules but after taht very firendly, site was immaculate and I got a goodnights sleep.


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Re: Tyn Cornell

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I don't like it.

I stay here:


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