Guided whitewater trips to Mexico

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Guided whitewater trips to Mexico

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**Guided kayak trips to Mexico**

In the last 10 years Tovi Robles has been returning to South America for the incredible river adventures, but that isn’t the only reason he has chosen Mexico.
Here are his top #5 reasons to kayak in Mexico.

#1 Rivers. You can experience anything from “deep jungle adventures” with 100+ foot repels to class III waterfalls into big pools. Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, Alseseca, Filo Bobo’s, Oro, Actopan, San Luis Potosi, Mico’s, Tampeon and El Salto are just a few of the amazing rivers Mexico has to offer.

#2 Local People. I have never experienced the kindness and genuine nature, as the people in the areas of Mexico that I’ve travelled. Plus, I’m always greeted with a smile, eye contact and “Ola” when walking past.

#3. River Logistics. The rivers in Mexico are becoming very popular. In Veracruz they make boating in the area so easy. You tell them where you want to go and they will shuttle you there. My experiences have been described as “An organized, easy adventure”.

#4 Travel Logistics. For the “first-timer” traveling in Mexico can be a little intimidating. But to explore boating in Veracruz it is super easy. Just fly into Mexico City and take a bus to Puebla.
Alternatively you can be picked up from the airport as part of a package deal!

#5 Community of boaters. The people you meet and the river adventures shared create long-lasting friendships. Jacomulco Veracruzat is typically where all the boaters stay, you meet some of the most amazing people to experience the Mexican jungle adventures with.

Price for this trip is $150.00 a day per person (Kayak, paddle, private transportation, lodging and meals) minimum per group is 3 minimum 7 days.

Note: This trip is openly right now to hire at any time soon.

$500 deposit is required to book this trip.
If interested please contact Tovi at for more information

Please note, I'm advertising this on behalf of Tovi who is based in South America. Having been kayaking with him several times I highly recommend him as a provider!
When in doubt PLF!


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