Looking For Lee Valley WW coaching

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Looking For Lee Valley WW coaching

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Hi all,

I am looking for a coach who can take me on the Legacy Course at Lee Valley WW Centre at some point with in the next few weeks. I have my 3 star and have paddled the course before but, as of yet, have not got my assessment sorted. I'm looking for someone who can spend a couple of hours with me on the course before I book my assessment - going over breaking in / out, ferry gliding, making eddies ect. It's a been a few months since I've paddled whitewater.

If you think you could help out please either leave your details here or message me with prices and I will get back to you with dates that I can do (I work occasional weekends).



Andy H
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Re: Looking For Lee Valley WW coaching

Post by Andy H »

Im around next week and can come to some arrangement.

Send me a email at andy.escapetoadventure@gmail.com

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Re: Looking For Lee Valley WW coaching

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Hi Simon,

Paddle365 has a skills booster course running on July 29th. Would that work for you? I work at lee valley regularly and have a tried and tested format that works!

Jamie Greenhalgh

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