River Spey with kids

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adrian j pullin
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River Spey with kids

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Hi folks,

We are going to spend a week in Aviemore later in July and would like to get in a day's paddle (along with the walks, bike rides, wildlife etc.) It looks for the river guide and other info on this site that the Spey should provide a good run. We are two adults and two 7 year olds in one open, so nothing above grade 1. We would normally do an afternoon trip, ending with an icecream!

Could someone who knows this stretch of river let me know access and egress points and parking, please? Also, how is public transport to get a bus back to the start?


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Donna B
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Re: River Spey with kids

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We paddled the full length last May from Loch Insh to Spey Bay. It is fairly easy from there to Grantown but with an entertaining tree near the start (in high levels anyway) and one or two interesting but short rapids through Aviemore. Below Grantown the river is pretty much continuous grade 2. The SCA website is the best place to start for info - http://www.canoescotland.com/Default.aspx?tabid=684

There is a local taxi service based in Grantown that will transport people and boats - can find out details if helpful. Sorry can't help you with buses as we usually hitch-hike, but most bus times are online once you know where you want to go.

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Re: River Spey with kids

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Boots n paddles http://www.boots-n-paddles.co.uk/Menu/canoe-hire.html have an info sheet with all access points for the Spey. (Haven't used the company but was a L3 assessment student for one of their instructors, a very helpful guy).

Have fun!


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Re: River Spey with kids

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Bit late I know, but Aviemore to Boat of Garten makes a good trip with the kids.
Easy water and finish with a steam train ride to go and pick the car up.

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